How to do a short turn in Motorcycle: the Japanese's like U-turn 2 - modified version

Here is a link where you can have infos about our training courses: http://antipilotedelignedroite.fr/en/the-energetic-drivability-training-courses/
(Youtube asked me to remove one of the track, this is the only change from the previous movie, the Japanese's like U-turn 2). For those who have only seen the Japanese's like U-turn 1, this is a NEW movie.
At least, here is the upgrade of the movie "the Japanese's like U-turn" : better musics (I hope lol), new technics, new scenes, etc.
For a faster and shorter U-turn, with lot of sensations, and a U-turn, that you can do in circulation, or during Moto Gymkhana exercises...
If you speak french, here is a book where you can find more informations about us and our technics : http://www.thebookedition.com/motards-d-un-autre-monde-de-anti-pilote-de-ligne-droite-p-121478.html