9 BAD Behaviors That Will Put Chinese Tourists on Tourism Blacklist

The China National Tourist Administration has released a specific list of things that Chinese tourists traveling domestically and abroad should not do. If you disobey these items, you could find yourself on the China's travel blacklist which means getting barred from leaving China for two years to five years, depending on the severity of the violation.

Here's the list of items to be aware of:
1. Interfering with aircraft or public transport;
2. Damaging public facilities;
3. Offending local traditions, cultures or living habits;
4. Destroying cultural and historical relics;
5. Participating in gambling, prostitution or drug use;
6. Threatening public, personal or property safety;
7. Damaging ecosystem, breaking wildlife protection regulations;
8. Perpetuating “low-taste or superstitious” ideas;
9. Any other behavior that causes a negative impact.

Here's hope it works to deter more Chinese tourists from embarrassing themselves and Chinese people in general!